trasplante de órganos

Bioethics in Organ and Tissue Transplantation: A Matter of Life and Death


In the context of medical sciences, the human being has devised multiple techniques involving various therapeutic procedures to improve his health and combat the diseases that afflict him. One of these procedures is organ, tissue and cell transplantation, whereby a damaged organ is replaced by a healthy one. 
Organ, tissue and cell transplantation in Venezuela—for instance—has been one of the most relevant issues in the last four decades. However, it remains strictly taboo among Venezuelans generally due to ignorance or religious standpoints.  Despite this, for part of the population, donating an organ represents the prolongation of life and, for another, it is an act of giving whose origin is the deep awareness of the pain of others. Still, the absence of a culture of organ donation may give rise to other problems. 

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